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At Columns and Beams, we understand that precision and thoroughness are paramount in the construction industry. Our Inspection Services offer meticulous scrutiny and evaluation to ensure that every aspect of your project meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and compliance. With a team of seasoned inspectors and cutting-edge tools, we provide a comprehensive range of inspection solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our Inspection Services

Quality Control Inspections

Our rigorous quality control inspections monitor construction processes, materials, and workmanship to maintain impeccable quality throughout the project life-cycle.

Safety Compliance Inspections

Safety is our top priority. Our safety compliance inspections ensure that construction sites adhere to the highest safety standards, minimising risks for all stakeholders.

Code and Regulation Inspections

Our experts conduct thorough code and regulation inspections to ensure that your project complies with local, regional, and national building codes and regulations.

Progress and Milestone Inspections

We provide regular progress and milestone inspections to track project advancement, ensuring it stays on schedule and within budget.

Specialised Inspections

Our team also offers specialised inspections for unique project requirements, such as environmental impact assessments or sustainability certifications.

Our Approach

1. Thorough Research

Before any documentation or permit application begins, we conduct thorough research to understand the specific regulations and requirements that pertain to your project's location and scope.

2. Detailed Documentation

Our architects create meticulous documentation that outlines every detail of your project, providing a clear road-map for construction and minimising potential issues.

3. Regulatory Compliance

We meticulously adhere to all local, regional, and national regulations to ensure that your project not only meets legal requirements but also stands as a testament to responsible architecture.

4. Efficient Permitting

Our streamlined permit application process reduces administrative burdens on your end, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your project.

Partner with Us

Join hands with Columns and Beams to guarantee the success of your construction project through our unparalleled Inspection Services. Our commitment to precision, safety, and compliance ensures that your project is not only built to last but also built to excel.


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